Close to Home Festival

Close to Home Festival SwedenClose to Home Festival Sweden takes place in Borås, Sweden

Close to Home Festival Sweden 2011 dates – TBC

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The History of Close to Home Festival Sweden
When others go to mosquito-proof, deep forests, muddy fields beyond Sweden’s borders, very far west or turn their furry to laugh, you can safely and quietly sit back and enjoy the same experience just around the corner. Close To Home is here.  Sweden’s newest festival and Boras coming – just a stone’s throw from downtown. You will experience the festival atmosphere at Åhaga area, meets Swedish pop and rock elite and get 20 hours of live music, closer to your living room than ever.

In three stages you will experience everything from Sweden’s biggest artists to the interesting, local acts.  The main stage is called The Terrace, it is the largest outdoor stage The terrace is the heart of the festival.

The second biggest stage is called the kitchen and you’ll find inside the Åhaga. Here you will meet a little calmer, more mature and sophisticated music, you know how a party usually is, the wise talks take place in the kitchen.

The third stage is called the vestibule. Here, the upstart, they just “stepped through the door” and made his name at the local level. Perhaps the hall to be their breakthrough.

In addition to scenes offered food service at several locations, beer tent, market stalls and of course beautiful places to relax, just like you do at home.


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