Getaway Rock Festival

Getaway Rock Festival 2011Getaway Rock Festival takes place in Gävle, Sweden (approx 2hrs north of Stockholm)

Getaway Rock Festival 2012 dates – 5th to 7th July

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Thursday 5th July

Mustasch, Graveyard, Venom, Nightwish

Obituary, Kvelertak, Black Dahlia Murder, Ghost

Dynazty, Warbringer, Red Fang, Moonspell, Black Stone Cherry

YELLOW STAGE (Gasklockan)
Keep Rising, Sordid Flesh, Killing Ashley, Planet Rain, Quill, The Storyteller, Tide of Events, Gin N’ Juice

Friday 6th July

Finntroll, Amon Amarth, Raised Fist, Municipal Waste, Manowar

Lillasyster, Meshuggah, August Burns Red, Ministry, Satyricon

Holyhell, Crashdiet, Skindred, Sparzanza, Hawk Eyes, Dying Fetus

YELLOW STAGE (Gasklockan)
Attitude, Quash, Carnal Defile, Propane Headrush, Isole, Ink Stained Promises, OZ

Saturday 7th July

Nationalteaterns Rockorkester, Suicidal Tendencies, Saxon, Killing Joke, Yngwie Malmsteen

Corroded, Anathema, Raubtier, Devin Townsend Project, Behemoth

Kings Destroy, Rosetta, Weedeater, God Is An Astronaut, Engel, Crucified Barbara, Cult Of Luna

YELLOW STAGE (Gasklockan)
Angled Leaf, Far Sight, Corrosive Carcass, Always War, Silver Devil, Itschy Daze, Rebel Collectiv

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The History of Getaway Rock Festival
2010 was the first year that the Getaway Rock Festival is being run – below is a note from the organisers :

The aim with the festival is to create something new at the Hard Rock scene as we know after many years of national and international festivals that we have a gap to fill.

What we experienced a lack of existing festivals is the mix of good bands, unique area, accessibility, service and concept. We hope that after the guest walks into the Gas holder area so will the feeling of Getaway Rock festival is different feel directly. Our officers will be the friendliest you can find, but they will definitely not be at any gate in orange / yellow luminous jackets and show people the right

Although our concept thought about arranging hard rock club in gas holders after the headline band knows we will highlight the festival. Together with services in terms of proximity to hotels, transportation, etc. so this will be a different festival, we promise!

Getaway Rock Festival – Line up 2011
Alice Cooper
, Bullet For My Valentine, Corrosion Of Conformity, Papa Roach, Monster Magnet, Turisas, Evergrey,  Doctor Midnight and the Mercy Cult, Graveyard, Marduk, Deathdestruction, Vomitory, The Unguided, Seremedy, Blowsight, Mother of God, The Neverdies, Propane Headrush, The Darkness, Danzig, Opeth, Kreator, Heaven Shall Burn, Hardcore Superstar, Amorphis, Sonata Artica, Agnostic Front, Youth of Today, Blindside, Ghost, Aura Noir, Evile, 40 Watt Sun, Christ Agony, Desultory, Soreption, Brigada Illuminada, Browsing Collection, Rocknroll Allstars, Galaxy Safari, Lady Die, Tyrant Wrath, Hammerfall, Accept, Immortal, Dia Psalma, Death Angel, Bullet, Earth Crisis, Entombed, The Poodles, Nifelheim, Enslaved, Adept, Scar Symmetry, Alien, Hårda Tider, F.K.Ü., Vicious Art, Insense, Dynazty, Seventribe, Walking with strangers, Pray for Locust, Cedron, Ereb Altor, Slingerbult

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