Popadelica Festival

Popdelica 2012, SwedenPopadelica Festival Sweden takes place at Huskvarna Folkets Park, Huskvarna, Sweden

Popadelica Festival Sweden 2012 dates – 5th may

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bob hund, Kapten Röd, Den Svenska Björnstammen, Pulled Apart By Horses (UK), FM Belfast (ISL), The Good Natured (UK), Alice B, Noonie Bao, Vit Päls, Wild Belle (US), The Concept, Agent Side Grinder, Bottled In England (DK), Honningbarna (N), Urban Cone, Carli, Vånna Inget, Alina Devecerski, We Love Machines (Schweiz), Behzad Mehrnoosh, Konditorns

The History of Popadelica Festival Sweden
Popadelica is a one-day festival in the town of Huskvarna, twin city of Jönköping, right at the south point of lake Vaettern. The venue is Huskvarna Folkets Park, the atmosphere is filled with history.

The festival has three stages, all are under cover. No age limit, 18 years at the bar. Food and beer are on the field.

Popadelica taks place with the support of Huskvarna Folkets Park, Jönköping Culture, Regional Council of Jönköping and Taberg printing.

Popadelica Festival Line Up – 2011
Veronica Maggio, Daniel Adams-Ray, Tove Styrke, Jonathan Johansson, FM Belfast, Royal Republic, French Films, Paper, Little Marbles, Recceba & Fiona, Syket, Niki & The Dove, Compadre, The Vaccines, Tiger Love, Tesla Boy


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