Siesta Festival

Siesta Festival SwedenSiesta Festival Sweden takes place at Hässleholm, Sweden

Siesta Festival Sweden 2012 dates – 31st may to 2nd June

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Death Cab For Cutie [US], NOFX [US], The Hives, Lars Winnerbäck, IAMX [UK], Timbuktu & Damn!, Eldkvarn, Kapten Röd, Den Svenska Björnstammen, Deportees, Kvelertak [NO], Raised Fist, Royal Republic, Familjen, Rebecca & Fiona, Nisse Hellberg, Invasionen, Joddla med Siv, Jonathan Johansson, Loney Dear, Lo-Fi-Fnk, Death Destruction, Albin Gromer, Syster Sol, Urban Cone, All Out Dubstep: Trickykid & Eboi, L-Wiz, Lune, Niklas [DK], Samling, Labyrint, Scraps of Tape, Terrible Feelings, Vånna Inget, Nitad, Pete Thompson, The Valottes

The History of Siesta Festival Sweden
Siesta! has grown and become a music festival of great character. The festival is visited annually by about 7,000 happy people from all between 13-60 years. With the pick of Sweden’s artistic elite mixed with local talent, we Hässleholm to be rocking for three days.

Siesta! Siesta! The festival has been around since 2003 and have been held last weekend in May.  The festival is organized by the Cultural Society Markan, a nonprofit organization and has been around since 1989.

Cultural Markan has a solid and long-term planning formed a breeding ground for young people to engage in various activities, and primarily through our music festival Siesta! planted a seed to simply be proud of their homeland.

Hässleholm has become a place where you have the opportunity to engage the culture of the most varied kinds. Whether you like music, dance, theater, film, art, literature or cultural history, there is something for all tastes and ages.

Hässleholm is a hub in Sweden and the Oresund region, characterized by openness to the outside world and curiosity for the new.

Siesta! Siesta! is one of many interesting events that actually in real life can get our young people to imagine a future in Hässleholm. Siesta! Siesta! attracts visitors from virtually all over Sweden and from Denmark and Norway.  Under Siesta! becomes Hässleholm for three days a venue for people from different generations, cultures and styles. Most people leave here with only positive images on the retina of Hässleholm, which is an invaluable investment for the future.

Siesta Festival Line Up – 2011
Adam Tensta, Alcoholic Faith Mission (DK), Asking Alexandria (UK), August Burns Red (US), Billie the Vision and the Dancers, Bombus, Brother (UK), Crookers (IT), Daniel Adams-Ray, Den Svenska Björnstammen, Graveyard, Håkan Hellström, Imperial State Electric, Last Days Of April, Mohammed Ali, Odyssey, Oskar Linnros, Riddarna, Slagsmålsklubben, Stor, The Ark, The Sounds, Young Guns (UK)


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