Skona Grona Grebo Festival

Skona Grona Grebo FestivalSkona Grona Grebo Festival Sweden takes place at Sweden

Skona Grona Grebo Festival Sweden 2011 dates – TBC

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The History of Skona Grona Grebo Festival Sweden
In the winter of 2003 there was a big rock and roll night in Grebo Fritidsgård. The event was called “Grebo Jewels” and in principle all Grebo Band has been the recent decade occurred and had to play up to three songs each.

So fun to Tobias Pettersson and Michael Phalén decided to continue on this path.
Tired of the song festival in the West’s increasingly sluggish and boring reservation, it was determined that the
would be a song festival that was held at Klockargården in Grebo.

The event was so successful that it continued in 2005. Then occurred including the likes of Kolportörerna, Rectal Käse, Ivar Jonsson Orchestra, Pierre On them there, Goran daff and Grebo Brass Stompers.

Suddenly, a tradition was born.

2006 bands included Johan Melander & New Town, Aguson, Folke Likvit, The Deal, Torbjorn & Newcomers, Anna Gunnarsson, Fredrik Johansson & Dogs and The Maze.

2007 bands included John Rothstein, It is love, Bett Switches & lösfolk, John Strickland, Carolina Carlbom och Gula Gubben.

On the fifth anniversary in 2008 bands included Persson’s Pack, Guldgossen, Swedish pop, Café 33,
Old Town, Per Gössel, Little Marbles, Lerkruka och Sonic Surf City.

The festival has continued to grow and in 2009 there were over 2600 people and got to see artists like Lars Demian, Wild Rover, Johan Johansson, Sanna Carlstedt, Bacchi Bröder, Lana Brunell, Fredrik “Frallan” Jonsson
and Bröderna Berg.


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