Sommar Rock Svedala

Sommar Rock Svedala Festival, SwedenSommar Rock Svedala Festival takes place in Svedala, Sweden

Sommar Rock Svedala Festival 2011 dates – 14th to 16th July

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The History of Sommar Rock Svedala Festival
Sommar Rock Svedala takes place at Friluftsbadet in Svedala and has been running from 1987 – below you can see some highlights from the last 3 years

The year when Summer Rock Svedala celebrated its 20 years Anniversary! Expectations from the public and ourselves were higher than ever and we prepared for the implementation of Sweden’s best festival party of all time. Days before the festival was threatened arrangement once again the weather gods, but with the help of volunteers and 35 tons of wood chips, we managed to implement the best summer ever Svedala.
The old attendance record was then 13 400 visitors came and puree along with Timbaland, The Ark, Hammerfall, Metallica, Melody Club, Mark Fagervall and 25 other artists.

After a successful 20-year anniversary with record attendance was everyone’s expectations high.  While we work harder than ever exploded fun summer in southern Sweden, and new festivals near similar concept appeared, and more concerts were organized than ever during the summer months. Concern for the festival is bigger than in many years, but when the entrance opened shows our audience once again that they are loyal to us.
For three days, enjoyed 11 700 visitors to the music from artists such as Ola, Timo Räisänen, Sahara Hotnights, Moto Boy, Rod with Siv, Crash Diet, Hasse Andersson, Amanda Jenssen, Calais, Little sister, Moustache, Magnus Uggla and others.

The year when the word “fiscal crisis” was on everyone’s lips. The economic situation affecting many festivals in Sweden, and it was only during the final hours of the event that organizers could finally relax. The great volunteers and wonderful audience had done it again!
During the three cloudy, but rain-free, days hanging out and hugged 12 500 visitors to artists such as Tomahawk, DAD, Kevin Borg, The Refreshments, Bo Bice, Veronica Maggio, EMD, Backyard Babies and more.


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