Storsjöyran Festival

Storsjöyran Festival 2012 SwedenStorsjöyran Festival takes place in Storsjöyran, Östersund, Sweden

Storsjöyran Festival 2012 dates – 27th to 28th July

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Patti Smith & her band (us), Lars Winnerbäck, The Hives, Melissa Horn, Rebecca & Fiona, Eldkvarn, Kapten Röd, Kvelertak (NO), Tant Strul, Deportees, Den Svenska Björnstammen, Jakob Hellman & Nerverna, Icona Pop, Nause, John De Sohn, Loney Dear, Panda Da Panda, Vånna Inget, Knivderby, Magnus Ekelund & Stålet

The History of Storsjöyran Festival
The festival was started in honor of the ancient can-do spirit of the people of Jamtland, and to show the rest of Sweden that although this region is sparsely populated its people has the zest, courage and knowledge to create a festival of international size and standard. Something that is well reflected in the fact that the festival gathers around 55 000 visitors every year and is the second biggest festival in Sweden (the biggest city festival in Sweden). The Festival itself is held in the middle of Östersund the last weekend of July. Although the event starts the weekend before with the opening of “Krogstråket” when regional bars and restaurants gather near the lake.

In short, Yran is something out of the ordinary. Especially if you consider the fact that Jamtland is a self-proclaimed republic (started by the people behind the festival) and has its own president, Ewert Ljusberg (just a spoof of course) who at precisely 00.00 on Saturday appears in front of 25 000 people at the town square to deliver his annual speech of freedom, humanity and solidarity, though the speech usually contains some anti-Swedish government and anti-EU propaganda as well. The President’s entrances are usually quite spectacular. In 1996 he rode in on a seven ton elephant, in 1999 he entered in a huge air balloon that landed at a house roof on the square and in 2000 he surfed over the crowd to the stage. After his speech the entire crowd starts singing the Jamtlandic national anthem: Så tåga vi tillsammans bort or as it’s known in Jamtlandic; Mæ går på stigom å leit oss opp. Though the Swedish (and original) version of the song is the one that’s usually sung.

Storsjöyran Festival Line Up – 2011
Big Boi (US), Roky Erickson (US), Peter Doherty (UK), Håkan Hellström, Lykke Li, The Ark – Avskedet, Marina & The Diamonds (UK), Säkert!, Timbuktu & Damn!, Veronica Maggio, Orup, The Sounds, Daniel Adams Ray, Raphael Saadiq (US), Graveyard, Slagsmålsklubben, Looptroop Rockers, Tove Styrke, Anna Järvinen, Dr Midnight and the Mercy Cult (NO), Ghost, Me & My Army, Lisa Miskovsky, Those Dancing Days, The Posies (US), Cirkus Cirkör & Iryas Playground, Freddie Wadling, Fallulah (DK), Niki & The Dove, Alexis Weak, Rebecca & Fiona, Katharina Nuttall, Carl Norén, Adrian Lux, Armand Mirpour, Kajsa Grytt, Mattias Alkberg, Conny Nimmersjö, Ulf Stureson, Pascal, The Bells, Nord & Syd, Magnus Ekelund, Park Hotell, Hospitalet, Raketen, Patrik Backlund, Simian Ghost, Albin Gromer, Bäddat för trubbel, Icona Pop, Caotico, Syket, Aeon, Hoven Droven, Autisterna, Popterror, Ismen, Frida Selander, Daniel Norgren


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