Sundsvalls Gatufest

Sundsvalls gatufest Festival, SwedenSundsvalls Gatufest Festival takes place in Sundsvall, Sweden

Sundsvalls Gatufest Festival 2011 dates – TBC

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The History of Sundsvalls Gatufest Festival
Sundsvall Gatufest established in 1987 and is one of Sweden’s top three festivals in terms of visitor numbers. During the first week of July, visiting about 180 000 people Sundsvall Gatufest making the event one of the largest of its kind in Sweden.  With an area of over 30,000 square meters in central Sundsvall is the festival unique to both the scale, surface and width of entertainment.

Sundsvall street party offers an experience for all ages and all the family with food, drinks, entertainment, amusement, activities and music from three different scenes. Over the years, both small and great Swedish artists and a host of major international artists performed at the Sundsvall street party.

Sundsvall Gatufest AB is also a leading organizer of concerts and corporate events in the western and southern Norrland.

Sundsvalls Gatufest – Line Up 2010
Accept, D-A-D, Europe, KENT, The Ark, Moustache, Hoffmaestro & Chraa, Andreas Johnson, Teddybears, Brolle, Martin Solveig, Back To The Future, Fibes, oh Fibes!, The Sounds, Lisa Nilsson, DJ Rivaz, Electric Boys, Moto Boy, Timo Raisanen, Theresa Andersson, Dead by April, EMD, Markus Krunegård, MASKINEN vs. MACHINE, Johnossi, Lions Share, Cynical Hatred, Elsa Sjögren, Satan Takes A Holiday, Scarlet Radio, Frantic Sunday, Tvivelfront, Up The Chimney, OH My!


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