Afro Pfingsten Festival

Afro Pfingsten 2012Afro Pfingsten Festival takes place in Winterthur, Switzerland

Afro Pfingsten Festival 2012 dates – 23rd to 28th May

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2012 – LINE UP
Friday, 25th May: Reggae Night
Jimmy Cliff, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Stephen Marley, Rootz Underground, Phenomden

Saturday, 26th May: Noche Latina
Ruzzo & Roldan, Henry Santos, Fuego, AfroCubism, Picason

Sunday AN, 27th May: Acoustic Africa
Cheikh Lô, Daby Touré, Sara Tavares

Sunday, 27th May: African Night
Touré Kunda, Mory Kanté, Angélique Kidjo, Hugh Masekela, Nubya

The Afro Pfingsten Philosophy
The aim of Afro-Pfingsten is to introduce and bring closer to the Swiss population the continent of Africa; its people, cultures and traditions. This will reach a common understanding and respect for the continent’s diverse cultures and inhabitants. Further sensibilitation takes place thanks to diverse encounterings the Afro-Pfingsten Festivals allows during the weekend of Pentecost. These aspects make the Afro-Pfingsten Festival a unique event. Furthermore, being one of the biggest Swiss festival Afro-Pfingsten puts the African continent, its vitality, colours and wonderful cultures in the spotlight during the Pentecost weekend.

Afro-Pfingsten presents Africa’s most insipiring and beautiful facets that simultaneously highlight difficulties the continent is facing. The festival shall attract a broad range of people. This aim is supported on the one hand by facilitating easy access to well known culture related issues and on the other hand by offering insights in unknown and demanding areas related to the African continent. Detections and premiers within an array of speeches, literature, expositions, movie screening, concerts and so forth enrich the Festival’s programme.

Afro-Pfingsten facilitates the experience and the cultural exchange between African and Swiss people. Aspects of the cultural exchange are as broad to include the topics of economy and sports. The Festival shall progressively be organised by Africans while the local Swiss co-workers will ensure and provide ideal (infra-)structures. This approach allows to mediating, presenting and experiencing the African culture within various elements as well as allowing authenticity and experiments. In addition, networking with persons, institutions and groups supporting the promotion of the African culture facilitates the whole process.

Afro-Pfingsten has become a key element of the city of Winterthur and Switzerland; you can’t imaginethe cultural life of Winterthur and Switzerland without thinking of Afro-Pfingsten Festival. The festival promotes the networking and integration of the Swiss and African people; contacts and friendships to cultivate beyond the Festival.

This is a contribution against xenophobia as well as promoting respect for diversity.


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