West Country Storytelling Festival

West Country Story Telling Festival UKWest Country Storytelling Festival takes place in Embercombe, Higher Ashton, Devon, UK

West Country Storytelling Festival 2012 dates – 24th to 27th August

Tickets: £75 adult/£25 child before 1st July and concessions. £85 adult/£35 child after 1st July. Free tents and camper vans

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Jan Blake, Ben Haggerty, Frankie Armstrong, Nick Hennessey, Caitlin Matthews, Martin Shaw, Holly McNish, Sheila Stewart, the Carrivicks, Ben and Alfie, Caitlin Matthews, Jo Blake, Simon Heywood, Sheila Stewart, Wood Sisters in the Red Tent,  Tarte Noire, Clive Pig, David Heathfield, Chris Holland, Chris Bostock and Embercombe founder, speaker and storyteller, Tim “Mac” Macartney

About the West Country Storytelling Festival
The Westcountry Storytelling Festival attracts the best storytellers and poets from around the country and provides a platform for up and coming young artists.

This year the line-up includes top names from the global and local storytelling world; poets, musicians, puppeteers, performers and word-smiths of all kinds to take you to the most amazing places you probably have never been: Jan Blake; Ben Haggerty; Frankie Armstrong; Nick Hennessey; Caitlin Matthews; Martin Shaw; Holly McNish; Sheila Stewart; the Carrivicks; Ben and Alfie and dozens more.

The theme of the festival for 2012 is Patterns under the Plough and the weekend is dedicated to an exploration or our relationship to the land and the cosmos. Taking place amongst the flower meadows and broadleaf woodlands of Embercombe visitors not only experience live storytelling but also:

award winning poetry; live music; film workshops; giant puppet making; feasting; dancing;
an all night storytelling about Dartmoor myths; the magical opening and closing fire ceremonies; a ceilidh; shire horses ploughing the fields; an ancient threshing machine at work; baking bread in the outdoor bread ovens; an archery competition; initiation stories;
survival and bushcraft workshops; sing in the open choir; learn about biodynamic gardening by the moon and stars; den building and story walks.

The only thing you’ll need money for at the festival is the scrumptious organic food, including pizzas from the outdoor ovens, a BBQ, a salad bar and café; crepes, waffles, hot jacket potatoes, a bar and special feasts such a venison or wild foraged vegan stew with mead or cider over the camp-fire and a midnight long-table feast.

A wide range of accommodation options is available: bring a tent or van and camp for the weekend for free or sleep in one of our beautiful yurts or tipis

Official website: www.weststoryfest.co.uk


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