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Organisers have today announced the final 6 acts for this year’s Roskilde Festival giving a total of 163 artists in the 2011 programme.

PORTISHEAD (UK) is a true headliner, not least because they have set a fashion in the trip hop genre. The Bristol band caught everyone by surprise when they after a 10-year-long break returned with a new album, which was a true rebirth of the band. Portishead has already announced its fourth album. Hopefully the Roskilde audience will be treated to some samples this summer.

KAIZERS ORCHESTRA (N) are quite taken with the audience in Denmark. The band has played three gigs at Roskilde Festival. The kaizer-like favourites are ready to take on Roskilde once again. The Norwegians are working on chapter two of the album trilogy Violeta Violeta that revisits what made the band popular to begin with, unscrupulous gypsy rock delivered in Norwegian.

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (US) returns to Roskilde Festival as a new band. They have lost the raven robes and the thick mascara around the eyes. Instead, the Americans engage in loud colours and metallic power pop with sci-fi lyrics. Fortunately, My Chemical Romance have not lost the big gestures in their theatrical concert appearances.

HOFFMAESTRO (S) are Swedish ska kings on a shopping spree in genres. The album Skank-a-Tronic Punkadelica has already become somewhat of a neo-classic in their home country, and in concert the 10 blue’n’yellow members are notorious and famous for their danceable intensity.

HYMNS FROM NINEVEH (DK) make the audience hold its breath with their beautiful, acoustic-based songs about faith, doubt, hope and love. The arrangements are rich with instruments such as violin, accordion, saw and banjo. Music that will make the angels sing.

DANIEL NORGREN (N) has a devastating insight into the blues and sounds like Tom Waits in a bar fight with Muddy Waters. The Swede’s ability to squeeze the sound of an entire garage rock band into a simple blues riff is nothing less than impressive.

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Roskilde organisers have just released bad news for all fans of Rob Zombie. He’s just informed them that he has to opt out of his gig at Roskilde. The reason is family circumstances, Rob Zombie regrets the decision, which is something they do not take lightly.

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Roskilde 2011 is kick-started with electro rock with a grandiose sound – Combine electronics and rock. Combine melancholy and grandeur, Combine Orange Stage and Veto. Then you have opening act of Roskilde Festival 2011.

This year’s choice is primarily based on the fact that organisers are confident that VETO can open Roskilde in style and get the orange canvas to flutter.

In the course of three albums, Veto has grown quite popular in Denmark and around, and the big international breakthrough seems just around the corner. The band now has a song catalogue that can deliver one catchy tunes after the other in the connection between man and machine.

Veto has previously played at Roskilde Festival twice: in 2006 on the Odeon stage and in 2008 on the Arena stage. the next obvious step up the ladder is Orange Stage.

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Roskilde Festival’s new stage, Gloria, will be visited by nine new and very different acts, all of whom deal with more toned-down atmospheres.

Roskilde Festival offers many different musical impressions. In today’s announcement organisers focus on the more quiet, thoughtful and soothing impressions. Today’s music package contains nine names, all of whom will perform at our new stage, Gloria. With room for 1000 people, the stage can deliver very intimate experiences.

ACORN FALLING (DK) is a fascinating and dark mixture of ambient and goth. The mastermind is Lars Kivig who brings to Roskilde Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds percussionist Thomas Wydler and Current 93 cellist John Contreras.

DESOLATE (DE) is dubstep with German roots. Desolate is ready to deliver minimalistic electronica with clear references to chill-out and deep house.

KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT (FIN) has a point of departure in folk music, which they remodel in short instrumental songs, built up by simple repetitive riffs and noisy drone scapes.

ROLL THE DICE (S) is a Swedish duo who produce melancholic soundscapes with their electronica. You can hear creaking and crunching sounds while humming rhytmics move the music forward.

JOHAN SARA JR. (N) delves into the traditional Sami way of singing, joik, to which he adds elements from both electronica and jazz. The result is a hypnotic and organic hybrid of tradition and new ideas.

SVARTE GREINER (N) is the exploration of a dark and disturbing universe. Lots of drones and other sonic atmospheres take you into a unique and frightening world.

TU FAWNING (US) go exploring several decades of folk music. The Americans are armed with a bass drum, string instruments and a refreshing musical recklessness.

VALBY VOKALGRUPPE (DK) is a a female, a capella group. In concert you will hear both sudden primal screams and improvisations.

WALLS (UK) are soft, blurry, beautiful and hypnotic electronica that will ease your mind and soul. Look forward to glitchy beats and German inspirations such as Tangerine Dream.

Orange opening act is revealed tomorrow – Tune in again tomorrow when we reveal who will open Orange Stage in 2011.

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With less than a month to the start of this year’s Roskilde Festival, the staff is busy preparing. This includes the festival’s music office who now presents the final six names for Pavilion Junior, the stage for upcoming music, playing in the warm-up days from 26 to 29 June.

EMMA ACS is just 19 years old and is Denmark’s new acid rock queen. Her debut album Champagne is full of tripped-out 60s nostalgia where both sitars, Farfisa organ and hippie rhetoric send purple rings of smoke into the air.

BATTLEKAT has previously been hiding under the cryptic name Just A Number 05272011, and both the group’s anonymity as well as its electro-pop songs have made the trendsetting web zine Pitchfork pay attention.

BROTHER GRIMM plays danceable hipster hip hop. The musical backdrop is made of the classic three elements of rock – guitar, bass, drums – while front man Asbjørn Auring Grimm delivers cheeky cockney rap vocals.

THE ECLECTIC MONIKER plays calypso-inspired indie rock. No less than nine members help produce the thick sound.

THE MALPRACTICE is a new output from the ever-productive Johannes Gammelby who also plays in Beta Satan. With The Malpractice you can look forward to heavy and tightly played indie rock.

MESSY SHELTERS is a one-man band made by Mikkel Bolding who quite effectively juggles the genres. On his latest album Root System both rock equilibrium and minimalist electronica are on the menu.

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Today organisers have added three acts to the festival programme and three bands to the Pavilion Junior stage for upcoming music.

TV ON THE RADIO (US) manages like few others to balance rock, soul, funk and post-punk and to mix experiments with catchy tunes, resulting in a standing ovation from both music fans and critics. In the course of four albums, TV On The Radio have developed and refined their expression – and the latest album, Nine Types of Light, shows a band unafraid of using festive and upbeat elements. In David Sitek, the band has a masterful sound architect creating depth in the many musical layers. But when TV On The Radio comes on stage, they come to life as a hot and hard-working rock’n’roll band.

Today’s music package also offers up a couple of Danish acts for the festival programme, playing from 30 June to 3 July.

ALCOHOLIC FAITH MISSION (DK) sounds like an army of hopeless romantics with drum machines and acoustic guitars as their weapons. The big world has already started paying attention to the Danish band. Experience a band that by all fairness should become the next big Danish indie export.

PER VERS (DK) is a Danish rap icon at the top of his game. He has just released the album Ego on which he deals with thoughtful subjects such as family and relationships. In concert Per Vers really radiates a special charisma that is hard to resist, just like his music.

Also added to the Pavilion Junior stage – 4 Guys From The Future, Essence, Reptile & Retard

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The final programme for Roskilde Festival 2011 will soon be in place. Today organisers announce four acts, featuring four very different musical expressions. Like an image of the musical diversity in the overall music programme.

DÃM FUNK with MASTER BLAZTER (US) is a California boogie-funk ambassador. Like a young Prince, Dãm Funk lives and breathes to keep familiar funk genres of the 80s alive while at the same time leading them all into a musical zeitgeist where everything is more cutting-edge. Dãm Funk brings the singer Master Blazter to Roskilde.

NICOLAS JAAR (US) has been dubbed electronic music’s big American hope. His music is both focused on rhythm and repetition. Jaar moves in and out of electro pop, Afro jazz, sound collages, hip hop and many other styles – all tied together by his melancholy vocal.

PRINCE FATTY SOUNDSYSTEM feat. LITTLE ROY and HORSEMAN (UK) have proclaimed that they were made for dubbing your feet and stimulating your brain. Even though Prince Fatty Soundsystem originally was created as a musical ad for a clothing brand, it became such a great success on British airwaves that mastermind Pelanconi decided to continue the party. Look forward to rocking along to these sounds of dub and reggae.

SHUTKA ROMA RAP (MKD) is a true Roma rap collective. With Shutka Roma Rap, this politically vilified people have finally gotten a strong and uncompromising musical voice with the courage to add fuel to the political fires and speak up for a generation of young Romany people who want to root out racism. We are proud to present a rap act with a message – and something at stake.

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Even though the Roskilde bill is already up all over the world, they continue to deliver new acts. This week’s music package is a true Scandinavian rock adventure in different colours, which is a true treat for music lovers this summer.

GRAVEYARD (S) shuts up all critical voices who have ever claimed that rock is dead and buried. The Swedish band finds inspiration in heavy rock from the 70s where stoned grooves and heavy riffs roar along with vocalist Joakim Nilsson’s excellent and powerful vocals.

LOVE SHOP (DK) is ready to play Roskilde Festival for the sixth time. Having lost Hilmer Hassig and Henrik Hall, Jens Unmack is the only original band member left. But anyone who has heard one of Love Shop’s concerts during this spring has seen a singer who lively and life-affirmingly steps out of the shadows. Love Shop’s pop magic has always been greater than the individual members.

NEXT LIFE (N) has been called both ’gameboy metal’ and ’chip-core’. The strangely precise descriptions make sense as the Norwegians combine fast and scorching metal with Asian avant-garde electronica and computer game beats. The guitar-synth-drums combo has been used several times before, but never in the manner of Next Life.

THE RAVEONETTES (DK) are constantly on the hunt for the primal source of rock. With this year’s critically acclaimed album Raven in the Grave, the duo takes a step in a new direction. Here 80s-esque dark synths and melancholic guitar crunch live side by side with the rock’n’roll that started the whole story of Denmark’s biggest rock export ever. Roskilde Festival welcomes home The Raveonettes.

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DANIEL ADAMS-RAY is coming to Roskilde Festival 2011. The blue’n’yellow pop sensation will also play at a special Roskilde evening along with two other artists in Stockholm on 26 May. The event is free of charge.

In Sweden, DANIEL ADAMS-RAY is on everyone’s lips as the new pop comet. Now all Roskilde-goers can start getting to know the name as he is visiting Roskilde Festival this summer.

Daniel Adams-Ray’s debut album is called Svart vitt och allt däremellan and offers irresistible Motown-inspired pop music sung in a melodious Swedish tongue. Singles such as “Dum av dig” and “Gubben i lådan” have already topped the Swedish charts – and it is as if all of Scandinavia is now welcoming Daniel Adams-Ray with open arms.

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Bottled In England, Kirsten & Marie and Selvhenter finish off this week’s palette of new music for Pavilion Junior.

BOTTLED IN ENGLAND (DK) plays drum’n’bass – an otherwise fully electronic genre with crackling, icy productions. These Danes, however, have a live drummer who helps turn their gigs into a dirty, brutal and non-stopping affair. Bottled in England is filled to the neck with rap, grooves, catchy songs.

KIRSTEN & MARIE (DK) still live with their parents but they shoot up with their innocent and forest floor-scented folk pop. The Danish twins have stolen the hearts of a whole nation with “My Dear”, an incredibly effective pop song with a simple, childlike refrain.

SELVHENTER (DK) has an instrumental setup that does not look like your traditional noise rock band. Selvhenter gets access to the cosmic world of sound through violin, trombone, saxophone, lots of drums and distortion pedals. The result is a blend of noise rock, drone and jazz – a sonic breeding ground for improvisation.

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Another day with upcoming music. This time from Denmark’s sister nation Sweden – with a slight Danish touch in one of the acts. We present forest reggae, girl pop and experimental pop.

FASTPOHOLMEN (DK) call their laid-back acoustic folk songs ’forest reggae’. Not so strange. The two cousins Adam and Dawn – who are Danes with a close relation to Sweden – make music that paints pictures of Swedish clearings and red wooden houses with Caribbean waves on the side.

LITTLE MARBLES (S) consist of Linn Tabudlong and Julia Adams who play acoustic, easy-going and sweet pop music. Rumour has it that the two young ladies performed their first concert at one of the girls’ grandmother’s birthday party. Since then, they have charmed a much bigger – and tougher – audience with their Swedish-language girl pop.

THIS IS HEAD (S) produce dark, mechanical beats. With role models such as New Order, The Cure and Neu!, Henrik and Adam make hits out of their experimental pop. They manage to do so even though most songs are instrumental, and all tracks have a number for a title. This Malmö band has just won the ”pop of the year” award from Swedish National Radio.

More bands tomorrow
Tomorrow we finish this week’s round of Pavilion Junior announcements with a batch of peculiar Danish acts from the sprouting underground.

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Today it’s time to present music from Greenland and Iceland.

AGENT FRESCO (ISL) draws on everything from progressive rock to metal. Numerous ideas and expressions find their way through the amplifiers with this originally thinking group of musicians who constantly challenge their audience. Hard-hitting rock on volcanos.

NIVE NIELSEN & THE DEER CHILDREN (GRL) are a bestseller in Greenland with their ukulele-based songs. Even though the beautiful Inuit sings some songs in Greenlandic, the inspiration is primarily American, and the band The Deer Children is an exquisite group of international musicians.

WHO KNEW (ISL) is alternative rock, at the same time strangely uplifting and full of underlying unhappiness. A summer soundtrack for anyone with a penchant for moody atmospheres, falsetto vocals in harmony and rich amounts of melodious guitars and keyboards. Fans of American and Canadian indie rock will love Who Knew.

Tomorrow is new talent day from Sweden!  The concerts on Pavilion Junior take place 26-29 June before the main programme starts.

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This week, from Monday to Friday, Roskilde organisers are announcing music for Pavilion Junior, the stage for the stars of tomorrow.

HONNINGBARNA are six young lads who can play punk and make it sound – despite all the Norwegian oil millions – of 1977 and the breakdown of the western world. However, these punk rebels are far from orthodox. Beautiful organ and cello sounds blend seamlessly in on their debut EP that has made the Norwegian critics ever so enthusiastic.

TÔG are inspired by new wave, Italian disco and, according to themselves, various horror and western flicks. Their song “Sansen” was one of last summer’s big hits up north, and musical Norway licks its lips in anticipation of the debut album in May. Dance-friendly pop with a Stavanger dialect.

More bands tomorrow – Roskilde Festival’s Nordic tour de force has not ended yet. Tomorrow you will get bands from Greenland and Iceland.

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Hammonds, Harrington & Destroy, De Høje Hæle, Trust and Undergang are the first batch of Danish bands announced for Roskilde Festival’s warm-up stage Pavilion Junior.

HAMMONDS, HARRINGTON & DESTROY play melodic, alternative rock with loads of catchy choruses and sing-along potential. Look forward to a rock show with a reckless, almost punk-rock attitude.

DE HØJE HÆLE play unpretentious, Danish-language punk rock loaded with attitude. The band has toured extensively throughout Europe, America and Australia. This shows that good music does not care about language.

TRUST kick in the interplanetary door to distant galaxies when they play progressive rock in true garage style. Here you will find Ozzy-esque vocals, stony riffs, cleverly dribbling drumming and tackling rhythm changes. Hot, rocking and complex at the same time.

UNDERGANG present some of the heaviest and most evil music you will hear on Pavilion Junior – or anywhere else on this planet – this summer. On the debut album Indhentet af døden (run down by death) Undergang show that they know their old-school death metal.

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Today’s bunch of new bands offers something for every taste – Check them out below!

CHASE & STATUS (UK) are about to become megastars in the arena where drum’n’bass, dubstep, pop and rock collide in spectacular public celebrations. Everyone who enjoyed a hot rave in the company of The Prodigy and/or Pendulum at Roskilde Festival 2010, should go to a massive drum’n’bass party with Chase & Status.

FOALS (UK) play danceable rock that you can easily move your feet to. However, unlike few other British bands, Foals are intent on musical experimentation, constantly shaking and challenging the templates of their rock songs. Look forward to skewed, tricky rhythms and African-inspired guitar playing from this advanced, British rock band.

KILLING JOKE (UK) has with industrial synthesizers, aggressive guitars and electronic techno rhythms inspired a dizzying number of bands. Both the metal and punk crowds have embraced this band. Absolute Dissent from 2010 is made by the original lineup from the late 70s and shows a manic top form on par with the early years.

KYLESA (US) is a Southern state band specialising in psychedelic metal with a poppy edge. The vocal alternation between Laura Pleasants and Philip Cope and the many accessible and almost indie-rocking features of the songs make Kylesa a band who, as a matter of course, invites all kinds of music lovers into the fold.

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Femi Kuti and Seun Kuti share a stage for the first time – A flag day for the Afrobeat genre awaits at Roskilde Festival 2011. For the first time ever Fela Kuti’s two sons FEMI KUTI and SEUN KUTI are on the same stage. It is nothing less than a sensation – an event that will put a smile on the face of the great musician and political rebel in the Olympia of music legends. Named after a song by Fela, we call this double show “Just Like That”.

The two brothers take the stage together after having played separate shows. Roskilde Festival and the Kuti brothers’ base are now working on making a concert experience full of surprises that will match this central event in the history of the Afrobeat genre.

FEMI KUTI & POSITIVE FORCE played an emotional concert the day after the Roskilde accident in 2000. Femi started out in his father’s backing band in the 80s. Today he is playing with his fourteen-piece band. Straight from The Afrika Shrine, Lagos, he combines raw hard-edged rhythms, the complexities of Miles/Gillespie-inspired brass and seductive dancers, all in one awe-inspiring show.

SEUN ANIKULAPO KUTI & EGYPT 80 conquered Roskilde Festival’s Cosmopol stage in 2007 with a tremendous party. Seun is the youngest of the Kuti sons and plays with his father’s old legendary band. The red-hot mix of funk, sparkling horns, musical joy and political indignation continues. Yet, Kuti junior relates just as much to the present music scene as he does to his iconic family name.

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The American idols are joined by CODY and JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE.  While today’s acts come from both sides of the Atlantic, all three names have country, folk and rustic, all-American songwriting as a starting point.

BRIGHT EYES (US) has gone from being a breathlessness-struck teenager to a fully mature songwriter with air under his wings, political indignation and a great arsenal of musical effects. Front man Conor Oberst’s easily recognised voice enjoys the company of well-written songs that in an instant can go from flickering beautifully and quietly as a candle to bursting out in a sea of flames of emotional rock. Alternative folk rock in American wide-screen from an artist that many has proclaimed a new Bob Dylan.

CODY (DK) plays pop songs in a charming country and folk wrapping. Kaspar Kaae is Cody’s band leader, songwriter and artistic driving force. Single-handedly, he produces Americana-sounding pop hits with a perfect American accent. In concert a whole group of musical esquires join him on stage. This way, Cody’s lonely starting point is turned into a collective experience lifted by violins, lap steel guitar and banjo.

JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE (US) is no less than the son of American country rock legend Steve Earle – yet, he seems convincing in his insistence of marking his own territory. With a rough life behind him, Earle has lots of material to write songs from, loaded with the isolation and hard-earned experiences of country music. At the same time it is clear to hear that this is a new generation singing. As a member of the mp3 generation he can easily skip between different genres such as blues, folk, hillbilly and honky tonk. Earle junior follows inventively and respectfully in his father’s footsteps.

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This week’s music package has all colours of the rainbow, with acid rock, fusion blues and post-everything rock.

SPIDS NØGENHAT (DK) has achieved an almost cult-like status among Danish music freaks. The rare live shows by Spids Nøgenhat are mind-expanding sessions that will appeal to all lovers of psychedelic rock and strange plants. Several of the band members have previously played at Roskilde Festival with Baby Woodrose and Dragontears.

YEMEN BLUES (ISR) blends the ancient sound of the (un)happy Arabia with brass, cross flute and percussion. Everything is brought together by Ravid Kahalani – an Israeli with a Yemeni background – in a fragrant potpourri full of blues and jazzy finesse. An exciting fusion project with numerous scents from both the Middle East, Africa and New York.

ZUN ZUN EGUI (UK) is principally considered a British band – but this is really a rainbow-coloured explosion of nationalities, genres and musical languages. African guitar, Japanese avant-garde and jazzy post-rock from Chicago clash in a dadaist carnival – a sound nightmare for everyone who demands clear-cut genre borders. Fans of Frank Zappa, Mike Patton and Talking Heads will nod appreciatively.

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A mixed bag of alternative rock and pop revealed for Roskilde in the form of Destroyer, Little Dragon, Tame Impala and Veto

DESTROYER (CAN) has since the mid-90s released some of the most delicate and enigmatic albums full of lyrical glam pop. On the latest album Kaputt, front man and mastermind Dan Bejar flirts with soft rock, synths and saxophone solos. He brings his big backing band to Roskilde Festival. We are excited to finally present this shy and unique songwriter in Scandinavia.

LITTLE DRAGON (S) mixes synth pop, jazzy R&B and trip hop in its own charming mixture. The Swedish band has collaborated with capacities such as Damon Albarn and Dave Sitek from TV On The Radio. The Japanese singstress Yukimi Nagano was also on Roskilde’s Orange Stage along with Gorillaz in 2010. A small Swedish band with a big wing span.

TAME IMPALA (AUS) has skillfully picked up the tricks from psychedelic bands such as Cream and The Beatles – but also more contemporary mushroom pickers such as The Flaming Lips. A mildly drugged vibe hangs over each note from the Australians who take you to a comfortable place off the map by means of jam sessions, dreamy vocal harmonies and evergreen melodies.

VETO (DK) has, in the course of three rainy electro rock albums, established itself on the Danish rock scene. Front man Troels Abrahamsen has never let the steadily growing success block his artistic vision. The inspiration come from British, alternative rock, but the four Danes add a more distinct electronic touch to the music that is constantly sprawling, ticking and hissing inside the dark soundscapes.

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With today’s announcement the common theme is Africa. The first act CONGOTRONICS vs ROCKERS (INT) tries in true Roskilde-style to break down the barrier between the hot Western acts and the roaring talent mass from the global music scene.

Also added in this announcement are JAGWA MUSIC (TAN) and SHANGAAN ELECTRO (ZA)

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