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One of the inarguably most important bands from the great 90s-renaissance of melodic metal is returning to SRF – this time with their classic vocalist Matt Barlow.

ICED EARTH debuted in 1991 and have never budged from their ambition to create grandiose, melodic music in the finest traditions of heavy metal and thrash metal.

In 2003, Matt Barlow relinquished his place at guitarist/band leader Jon Schaffer’s side, to be replaced by Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest). The latter delivered superbly, but still the fans could not be anything but ecstatic when Matt Barlow returned in 2007. And now, the time is finally here for ICED EARTH featuring Matt Barlow to play SRF for the first time ever. One of this year’s major highlights for any true heavy metal-fan.

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Britain’s pride and joy on the AOR scene of the 80s. FM conquered every fan of melodic rock with their debut “Indiscreet” (1986) and its successor “Tough It Out” (1989). Songs like “Frozen Heart”, “That Girl” and “Bad Girl” have definitely earned the name of classics.

Like so many of their peers, FM found the AOR-hostile climate of the 90s too grim to endure, and the band dissolved in 1995. Twelve years later, FM found the time had come to reunite, and the delight of their fans was hardly diminished when the band’s excellent comeback album “Metropolis” arrived last year.

Now FM also make their SRF-debut – with lauded singer Steve Overland at the frontline as always.

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ELECTRIC WIZARD is one of the most revered and influential doom metal-acts of our time. They’re also a band that loves flipping the bird at everybody, themselves included. Since their 1995 debut they have released a total of seven albums packed with drug-romanticism, hedonism, occult symbolism and good old-fashioned horror-motifs. Releases like “Come My Fanatics…” (1997) and “Dopethrone” (2000) have been pronounced classics, though their immediate successors got a slightly more tepid response.

However, the band’s previous album “Witchcult Today” (2007) re-ignited the fire. Its successor is the brand new “Black Masses”, and this summer will see the debut at SRF for Jus Oborn & Co. Great news for any doom metal-fan!

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Germany’s most iconic rock band ever and the first father to the great musical movement we now call heavy metal. Ever since the self titled debut ep was released in 1985, HELLOWEEN has had a faithful audience in Sweden, and their popularity exploded in 1987-88 and with the release of the duo album “Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1 & 2”.

Then the band went into a musically confused period of several member changes. Fortunately, the situation stabilized again in 1994, when the eccentric singer and brilliant songwriter Andi Deris (ex-Pink Cream 69) took place behind the mic. The next album “Master of the Rings” (1994), “Time Of The Oath” (1996) and “Better Than Raw” (1998) recounted Helloween their place among today’s foremost heavy metal bands, a position they had successfully defended to date, with works like “Keeper Of The Seven Keys – The Legacy” (2005) and the new “7 Sinners.”

And now it’s one of the Swedish public’s favorite bands as well – finally coming back to Sweden Rock Festival!

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February 2011 will see the release of Destruction’s eleventh studio album, which the band promises will be truly raw and brutal.

Four months later the trio will arrive at SRF – making one of the most anticipated thrash metal debuts in the festival’s history a reality.

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Sweden Rock FestivalThe most secretive band in Sweden – GHOST confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival 2011!

GHOST have not, and will not, disclose the names of their members. This knowledge would only distract the public from what is really important – the fact that GHOST was created to accompany the end of the world.

Using music brought to them by a non-worldly entity of demonical origin, according to the band. Their debut “Opus Eponymous” overflows with both diabolical and seductive sounds reminiscent of both the 70s’ Black Widow and Coven, the 80s’ Angel Witch, Demon and Mercyful Fate, and the present time’s The Devil’s Blood. A fascinating sound, and Ghost on stage at SRF promises to be a fascinating experience.

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Sweden Rock FestivalAlready an established force on the Swedish rock scene RAUBTIER make their first appearance at Sweden Rock 2011.

“Sweden’s Rammstein” is what Raubtier (“Predator” in German) has been labeled since their debut single “Kamphund” (Fight dog) became a hit in February 2009. Obviously this was inevitable for an industrial metal band with lyrics in their native language, but Raubtier does have its own atmosphere, the product of their upbringing in the rugged North of Sweden and singer/guitarist Pär “Hulkoff” Kankanranta’s military background.`

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Sweden Rock FestivalDAN REED confirmed for SRF for the 2nd year in a row!

In 2010 he was Unplugged but next year it’s time for some Full on ROCKIN’ from Mr Reed and Co!

In the late 80s, Dan Reed Network was one of the Swedish audience’s favorite bands. Hits like “Get to You” and “Rainbow Child” displayed a mixture of melodic hard rock, funk and sensuous latin rhythms that was previously unheard of.
The band folded in 1993, since main man Dan Reed found that they were not relevant on the more political 90s-scene. After years of struggling with his personal demons, followed by eye-opening journeys to India and Israel, Dan finally found inspiration to write new music.

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Sweden Rock FestivalBlues / Rock artist MASON RUFFNER added to SRF 2011 line up

If you like Blues rock, Texas native Mason Ruffner is one of the prime artists you should have loved for years, but have probably never heard. The lanky guitarist, mainly inspired by classic blues, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, debuted in 1985. “Mason Ruffner” baffled the world’s critics and the likes of Jimmy Page and Mark Knopfler praised their colleague. Sadly commercial success eluded Mason, who only released four studio albums in fourteen years.

In later years Mason, who now resides in Sweden, has reactivated his career, thus giving the SRF audience the chance to enjoy one of the greatest “superunknowns” in Blues rock

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Sweden Rock FestivalGothenburg’s THE HAUNTED have been added to the 2011 line up for Sweden Rock Festival

At present, The Haunted are recording their seventh studio album, and in 2011 the SRF audience will once more get to see them where they impress the most – onstage.

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Sweden Rock FestivalRage goes acoustic!

RAGE is unquestionably the most productive band in German metal history. Since 1986 they have so far produced no less than 19 studio albums, plus several EP:s and live releases. This is even more impressive given the consistently high quality of their discography. RAGE has even managed to create their own unique sound, featuring elements of both heavy metal, thrash metal and power metal.

What many people may not know is that the band’s music also works very well in an acoustic setting. This is exactly what main man Peavy Wagner, guitar-wiz Victor Smolski and drummer André Hilgers intend to demonstrate at SRF 2011

RAGE goes unplugged – is there a chance we’ll get to hear mega classic “Don’t Fear the Winter” in this stripped-down condition?

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Sweden Rock FestivalSTYX confirmed for SRF 2011!

Do you remember the song Cartman in “South Park” compulsively must finish if someone starts singing it? That’s right – “Come sail away”, the big hit off Styx’ breakthrough album “The Grand Illusion” (1977).

The Chicago band that debuted in 1972 reached tremendous success with their grandiose blend of progressive rock, showtune arrangements and FM-rock. They peaked commercially with the mega-seller album “Paradise Theatre” (1981) and the hits “The Best of Times” and “Too Much Time On My Hands”. The number of Styx hits is impressive: “Lady”, “Renegade”, “Blue Collar Man” and “Babe”, to name but a few. In the 80s internal ruptures caused the band’s implosion, but in later years they have reinvogorated themselves with two of the three main men of the golden age at the helm: guitarists/vocalists Tommy Shaw (also known from Damn Yankees) and James Young.

What more should be said about Styx of today? Oh yes – they are a fabulous live band.

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Sweden Rock FestivalOVERKILL added to Sweden Rock 2011!

New York may not have spawned as many classic Thrash Metal acts as the Bay Area, but Anthrax and Overkill both rank among the most legendary bands of the genre.
The latter act has produced such classic albums as “Feel the fire” (1985), “Taking over” (1987) and “Years of decay” (1989), characterized by the combination of punk-inspired aggression and melodies comparable to modern day Power Metal.

Overkill’s fifteenth and latest album “Ironbound” stays true to those roots, albeit being rawer still. Singer Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and bassist DD Verni are as always at the helm, and as always we’re in for a first class performance from this brilliant live act on their return to Sweden Rock Festival.

Organisers have one more band to announce this evening…….stay tuned!

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Sweden Rock FestivalFour more bands announced for SRF 2011 – Finally it’s time for RHAPSODY OF FIRE to play Sweden Rock. With “The Cold Embrace of Fear” the band have arrived at their ninth full-length album, and in 2011 they make their highly anticipated return to the live scene.

Machistic rock, based on fat riffs, contagious choruses and a lethal groove is their simple but effective recipe for success, MUSTASCH will be back at the festival next summer.

The next artist has developed his very own style as a blues and rock guitarist, exemplified by his latest and 20th solo record “Common Ground” – WALTER TROUT will play Sweden Rock 2011.

Last, but not least the legendary GROUNDHOGS with guitarist Tony McPhee up front, will be joining the line up for 2011!

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Sweden Rock FestivalSAXON have ben confirmed for Sweden Rock festival once again.

Not only are they one of the biggest, most classic bands from the perennial New Wave of British Heavy Metal – they are also one of the bands the audience at SRF never get tired of seeing. Now they come to celebrate the fact that their classic album “Denim & Leather turns 30 years old and they will perform the whole album at next years Sweden Rock, of course spiced with a lot of other immortal SAXON classics and yes, they will bring the eagle!

Another 3 bands have also been confirmed today – American countrypunk in the shape of classic JASON AND THE SCORCHERS, melodic speed metal or call it US-power metal from AGENT STEEL and Swedish progg from legendary FLÄSKET BRINNER (The pork is burning)

Sweden Rock organizers will release another 4 bands tomorrow, so keep checking back for more information!

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Sweden Rock FestivalThe legendary OZZY OSBOURNE will be making his very first appearance at Sweden Rock Festival 2011 and his only Swedish appearance of the year
The first 3000 early release tickets have now sold out – keep checking back for more ticket on sale details!

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