We are moving….Soon!

e-tainmentnews european festival blog logoTHE E-TAINMENT NEWS EUROPEAN FESTIVAL BLOG IS MOVING!

But don’t worry we aren’t moving very far!

We have been running this blog now for about 3 years and it’s a great success bringing European festival news to 1000’s of festival fans, but we are now updating our main website (www.e-tainmentnews.com) and feel it makes sense to bring the blog into the site so that all our festival news is in one place and easier for you guys to find.

The plan is to re-launch e-tainmentnews.com in October so it coincides with the start of our ‘Festival Fever 2013’ competition where you will be able to win festival tickets and other great prizes in return for performing some easy tasks or by simply pressing an enter button, there will be many opportunities to enter and get involved.

The new website will have more features and be more user friendly, so if you subscribe to this blog you will be able to join our new blog as soon as we launch it, in the meantime if you want to keep in touch with what’s going on at e-tainment news and various european festivals then head over to our facebook page and join us!  We will be running other competitions throughout next year, some will only be available to our facebook fans and others will be announced to our newsletter subscribers first but mostly available to anyone!

We will update this blog when the new site is launched so you have plenty of time to join us on the other side…..

the e-tainment news team!


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